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Color Corps Drill Video Vignettes 

Thanks to our assembly Color Corps Commander, Joe Cardona, for creating this program of drill practice outlines, performance competence criteria, and video vignettes with the intention of bringing Color Corps members in the state into alignment. These resources will help with consistency of performance during various events where the Color Corps is requested, especially where multiple assembly members are participating.

Closing Summary

a. Review the drill manual prior to the activity/event

b. Anticipate the next command to follow

c. Don’t rush, ensure your partner across from you and you are mirror images of each other

d. Remember to anticipate the unexpected...use your peripheral vision

e. The Vigil’s change/rotation of the guards and the “Rolling Present Swords” are our two most challenging maneuvers/routines

e. Show up ready to go at the appointed hour. “If you are not 15 minutes early, you’re late.

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